We offer PhD. and DBA Programs in Coaching Psychology, Existential Coaching Psychology, in Clinical Psychology, in Leadership for advanced practice, and DBA – Doctorate in Business Administration. Our programs are in partnership with Professional Development Foundation, with Canterbury  and Middlesex Universities (UK) and by Monarch School of Business Administration (Switzerland). The candidate chooses their own specialist area of study and undertakes research which not only meets all the criteria for Doctorate level work but also has the potential to make an impact upon the student’s own practice, that of their peers and their profession.
It is an opportunity for coaches interested in research at this level to work on an area of direct impact upon practice with the support and advice of researchers from a range of disciplines.

How is it studied?

You can enroll throughout the year at a time appropriate for you and your organization but induction days occur in early October and February.  An academic advisor will be available to you throughout your period of study and a specialists will be assigned to you in the role of consultant allowing you to draw upon their expertise in your area of enquiry or methodology. You will also have resources such as handbooks and online materials as well as online seminars, and lectures to enhance your learning journey.
What is your opportunity in our program? You  are mentored and encouraged to develop a unique research project of leadership at the current stage of your  career based upon advanced coaching psychology knowledge  that would enable you to  make a significant impact in your organization and upon society.
We consider your previous learning (both formal courses and informal learning from experience) to be recognised for its contribution to the development of practice and ascribed academic credit to be used within the program.


The research project is undertaken within practice making it ideal for those wishing to imprint a significant, high level impact within their organisations and within the professional community and society using the rapidly developing concepts and tools of Coaching Psychology.


You will be assigned an Advisor who will be available to you throughout your Program. The Program includes one-to-one coaching, a virtual learning environment, guided reading and written submissions.
The Program Structure provides a map of the stages in the program. Throughout each of these you will be supported with detailed step-by-step manuals, workshops and tutorials, a virtual learning environment and advice from an Advisor and research consultant(s) identified as a specialist in the chosen area of study.

Program Outcomes

These will be specific to the candidate and driven by their choice of research.
What support will be provided?
Your resources have been designed for the distance learner and come in four forms to suit most personal learning styles.
• A designated and qualified Academic Advisor and Coach who is available to you on-line or through individual telephone/webcam tutorials. Throughout your Program you will be given feedback on all your work prior to submission so you can be confident you are progressing and achieving the required standard.
• Once you have fully identified your research project you will also be assigned a research consultant (an expert in the field who may well be working in another institution or University) who will be available to you throughout your project work.
• Detailed manual/workbooks for each module.
• Access to a virtual learning environment where you can access background resources such as coaching bibliographies and reflection manuals and where you can discuss and develop your submission with the help of your advisor.

Scholarships, Awards

Our students may apply to scholarships by British foundations, the Harnish foundation that supports research in coaching and scholarships from their givernments or from one of many European foundations. Here are some links:


  • For more information please contact us: info@studycoaching.org