The partnership between DPCP offers one of very few academic programs in Coaching Psychology/Applied Positive Psychology worldwide. DPCP Postgraduate Programs enable you to become  a pioneer, at the cutting edge of  the next stage in coaching.
We offer you the unique opportunity to become an expert in the new discipline of Academic Coaching Psychology and Applied Positive Psychology and to pursue a highly valued Academic Degree.
Our programs have been developed, based on the knowledge and experience of a Coaching Psychology study program that Prof. Arnon Levy – DPCP founder – established and directed at Tel Aviv University and later at Bar Illan University in Israel. These programs are integrated with the groundbreaking methodology of ”The Learning Journey”, led and developed by Prof. D. Lane from the Professional Development Foundation.
We work in synergy to offer our students from around the world advanced coaching skills and academic qualifications at Certificate, Master’s and PhD levels in Coaching Psychology and Existential Coaching Psychology.

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