PhD in Clinical Psychology


The Clinical Psychology PhD. program is designed to for chartered psychologists registered in their countries. The program is diverse Integrating Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Buddhist and Mindfulness, Neuropsychology and other aspects of Psychology. We encourage the scientist-practitioner model  and our graduates to excersise  broad –scope thinking implemented in Psychotherapy using evidence-based approaches.


How is it studied  ?

You could enroll throughout the year at a time appropriate for you and your organization.   An academic advisor will be available to you throughout your period of study and a specialists will be assigned to you in the role of consultant allowing you to draw upon their expertise in your area of enquiry or methodology. You will also have resources such as handbooks and online materials as well as online seminars,  and lectures to enhance your learning journey. Above all, our student would undertake critical reflections on a doctoral level concerned with knowledge that is generated and used in their  career and  life within society which are of a primary concern for them .


At the end of the program you  submit a research report and take part in an oral examination by video  on their research. With the successful completion of the examination you  achieve a doctorate from a leading academic institution on a unique research that could empower your life in most personal and social aspect.

What is your opportunity in our program ?

  • You are mentored and encouraged to develop a unique research project of clinical psychology. The research would be integrated with your experiences in your work and based upon advanced clinical psychology knowledge  that would enable you to  make a significant progress in your thinking and development of your clinical work.


The PhD in Clinical Psychology program is designated only for chartered psychologists registered in their countries from any specialization field or without a specialization.