Coaching is the process that mobilizes strengths and realizes the potential of business individuals and organizations. The practice of coaching psychology embodies a skill set designed to optimize the performance of a person in an organization in areas including leadership, corporate, public service, healthcare and other professional services. “Coaching psychology can be understood as being the systematic application of behavioural science to the enhancement of work performance and well‐being for business individuals, groups and organisation.” Anthony Grant (2006).


The Doctor of Business Administration program is designed around the completion of a Manuscript that focus on the current challenges facing business in today’s integrated world. Specific modules include:

  1. Mixed Research Methods
  2. Research Plan Perfecting Module
  3. Manuscript Preparation
  4. Manuscript Completion
  5. Research Presentation

By advancing coaching research, education, and practice, Monarch supports professional coaches and others who use coaching skills in their personal and professional lives. We are building a global coaching research community by bringing together leaders in the field to accelerate research progress and disseminate coaching’s best practices. We are realizing the coaching psychology mission of optimizing human potential via Business Research, Leadership and Applied Positive Psychology.

Dr. Arnon Levy – Professor of Coaching Psychology


Participant progress is assessed through the submission of various assignments per module. The program concludes with the completion of a doctoral manuscript. There are no exams within the program.


Participants wishing to obtain the Master-in-Passing while completing the DBA program will be required to complete 5 core courses from the Doctor of Applied Leadership & Coaching program.

Modular Design

Candidates are able to progress through the program and develop their manuscript on a step-by-step basis providing a higher chance for completion.

Practical Application

The DBA in Coaching Psychology focuses on the acquisition of practical knowledge that is integrated through critical thinking to produce applied solutions to real world problems.

Doctoral Manuscript

Participants demonstrate their mastery of critical thinking by integrating theory and practice to produce actionable outcomes on a selected coaching problem. The manuscript is typically 175 to 200 pages in length.


Candidates entering the program from non-business faculties or lacking a business oriented Master degree must complete 5 core courses from the Doctor of Applied Leadership & Coaching program as leveling courses.