Course  Overview

  1. Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology is a psychological intervention approach that integrates research and clinical knowledge developed in the field of psychology and coaching psychology with advanced approaches of new wave psychotherapy, positive psychology, neuroscience, happiness research and coaching techniques.
  1. The certificate course is based on similar courses of coaching psychology programs for which Prof. Levy has been the founder and academic director for the last 15 years in Tel Aviv and Bar Illan universities.
  1. The course in Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology is done by distance learning and is composed of live and recorded webinars, reading materials, reflection of students and teachers over the studying and reading materials, supervision of coaching done by the students and group coaching. An option of a 5 days intensive workshop is available.

In the Certificate course you will learn the “know how” in the following fields:

  1. The scientific foundations and the present state of the art of positive psychology and coaching psychology, psychotherapy techniques, existentialism, existential psychotherapy and humanistic psychology.
  1. The state of the art in the science of wellness and happiness.
  1. Understanding and practicing self efficacy and resilience.
  1. Key themes like positive emotions, strengths, value system.
  1. The main command system in the brain: Survival, Seeking and reward, and interpersonal relations.
  1. Dealing with the consequences and the expression of these command systems: fear and anxiety vs. confidence assertiveness and control, in the survival system.
  1. Dealing with frustration, rage and depression vs. the search for joy, and self expression and self fulfillment in the seeking system.
  2.  Dealing with experiences of loss, isolation, and separation distress vs. attachment, involvement and love in the interpersonal system.
  1. Integrating complex adaptive systems approach in the application of  various techniques of psychotherapy and coaching psychology skills to develop a progressive process of transformation of wellness blockers into agents of positive growth.
  1. We shall learn the relevance of the approach in personal and organizational settings.
  1. Coaching people in dynamic positive approach under directed group supervision of small groups in the class (The supervision will be applied after  the coaching sessions) .

Course structure

  1. The Certificate Program is modular and the studying load will be determined according to the students’ previous relevant education and experience. The course includes online peer  meetings and conference meeting with faculty. The duties are active participation in the class discussions, attendance in at least 70% of the meetings and a final project.
  1. The basic course of Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology is composed of 48 academic hours including general coaching studies, coaching psychology, positive psychology, existentialism and existential psychotherapy, יhumanistic psychology, complex adaptive systems and neuroscience. The course will be accompanied by training to assimilate the studying materials.
  1. Implementation of Psychoterapy Techniques in Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology. The course is composed of 48 academic hours and is composed of various techniques of psychotherapy that build the process of gradual change in DPCP. The course will be accompanied by training to assimilate the studying materials.
  1. Five days residential intensive workshop that will be available in time and place that will be determined during the studying year.
  2. Group and Individual Coaching will be offered to students according to professional and academic needs.
  1. 30 to 80 hours of Supervised Practicum will be offered to the students (not including the meeting with the coachees). Each student will coach during the second semester  2 persons and will be supervised by faculty members and get feedback of peers.
  1. 15 hours of personality theories will be offered to the students in which they study basics of dynamic psychotherapy and vatious personality approaches from the beginning era of scientific psychology and psychoanalysis to these days.
  1. Students who wish to continue their studies will be able to study the advanced specialized certificate studies will be studies in the second year. We offer expert degree in dynamic leadership in organizations, expertise in wellness and in advanced DPCP.
  2. The Certificate in Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology (1st year) and the Advanced Specialized Certificate (2nd year) will prepare also to an optional track of PhD in professional practice in positive psychology by Canterbury Christ Church (in UK Performed by distance learning) or DBA in applied positive psychology and business administration in Monarch Business School (in Switzerland by distance learning).

Why study with us and what will you get from the course:

  1. You can study the state of the art of integrative studies in coaching psychology, positive psychology, neuroscience, principle and  advanced approaches in psychotherapy, application of happiness studies  and coaching techniques.
  2. You will learn a systematic approach to coach people to find within themselves the natural resources for wellness,  energy assertiveness and confidence, joy and self fulfillment, compassion and attachment.
  3. You will learn to apply this knowledge for individuals and organizations, and for yourself. The course is often described by graduates as transformative experience in life.
  4. You will study in an academic course  that have been developed for the last 15 years in Tel Aviv and Bar Illan Universities in Israel. The course is among few recognized by the International Society for Coaching  Psychology and graduates could be registered as members.

About the founder and academic director of DPCP.

Prof. Arnon Levy is a clinical psychologist, psycho-anthropologist and a life coach. is the founder and for the last 15 years was the academic director of coaching psychology programs at Tel Aviv and Bar Illan Universities in Israel. Levy supervise students in coaching psychology in Middlesex University ( in partnership with Professional Development) and Canterbury  Christ church University UK. Levy also works in partnership with Monarch School of Management for Graduate Studies in Switzerland and he is a vice president in ISCP International Society for Coaching Psychology.

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