Life Coaching Background and Coaching Psychology Academy’s Vision

  • Coaching is defined by most of the leading authors and practitioners as follows: Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize his own performance. It facilitates self-learning of the coachee to better accomplish his life vision.
  • In fact Life Coaching is a philosophy and a set of practical principles suggested in the early 1990’s by Thomas Leonard, financial consultant and the founder of Coachville, the first coaching community.
  • Since its inception, life coaching has become a rapidly emerging profession spreading in the US, Europe and globally. Its growing success is derived from the fact that it meets the zeitgeist – spirit of our time, by being ש a short term, practical, goal-oriented strategy, while at the same time attempting to satisfy the need for individuation, self-actualization and personal growth.
  • The origin of life coaching basic ideas could be traced in sport coaching and sport psychology but mainly in humanistic psychology. Its deep origins however are rooted in the field of existential philosophy and existential psychotherapy that thrived during the middle of the 20th century. Existentialism became a worldview that dominated the 20th century culture in the fields of philosophy, literature, art, theater as well as psychotherapy. Existential authors like Binswanger, Boss, R. Laing, and V. Frankel continued to develop psychotherapy approaches based upon existentialism while contemporary authors such as A. Längle, Y. Yalom, van Deurzen, Strasser, Spinelli and others continue to develop their heritage.
  • Our vision is to promote and develop the science, profession and discipline of Coaching Psychology and Integrative Neuropsychology Coaching. We are part of the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) group of scholars and scientist/practitioners who are concerned in promoting Coaching Psychology as an evidence based multidisciplinary body of knowledge and practice.
  • We also developed the theory and practice of Existential Coaching Psychology. Our conception is that the human need to create meanings does not originate only in a philosophical-existential outlook. The creation of paradigms of meaning is rooted in an evolutionary-developmental survival drive. Consequently our approach is grounded on psychology but is multidisciplinary. Our perspective is based upon research from developmental psychology, evolutionary science, comparative psychology, systems theory and other disciplines.
  • Our programs are integrated with the groundbreaking methodology of ”The Learning Journey”, led by Prof. D. Lane and the Professional Development Foundation (read more). “The learning Journey” methodology has been successfully applied for the last 35 years in the USA Australia, South Africa and Europe and is accredited by EMCC (European Mentoring and Counseling council) and WABC (Worldwide Association Business Coachess).
    We want our graduates to be able to implement the knowledge of Coaching Psychology, and Existential Coaching Psychology not only for the benefit of their coachees, but also into their own career, workplace, and personal life.
  • We encourage life-long learning, employing at the same time the highest academic standards.. We enhance a scientific Coaching Psychology and multidisciplinary Existential Psychology Coaching approach which could enhance creative life-long learning at everyday life event.