Program Structure

Stage 1: Basics of Existential Coaching Psychology

You will study the basics of Existential Coaching Psychology and its relationship to your professional work.

Stage 2: The Program Plan

You will be supported to develop your own program which meets your development needs, within your own work context, and fulfills the requirements of a Master’s Program. This learning plan becomes a contract between the individual, their organization and the university.

Stage 3: Advanced Coaching Practice

This module can be taken if your review of learning has identified the need for further coaching development. It can include training and development provision by PDF and NECP faculties. It must address your development needs as identified in your program plan but can do this through an in-house workshop program or similar training provision.

Stage 4: Research modules

You will undertake two modules:

1. The research methodology needed to design and undertake a work-based project.

2. The research activity itself which will address an area of practice in which you have an interest and passion, thereby contributing to your development and to the work of your organisation or professional area.